Cooking School FAQ


Q: What classes are offered?
A: The Dhaba cooking School offers 4 session Culinary Journeys as well as single class Culinary Showcases that offer in-depth instruction related a specific aspect of Indian cuisine or culinary dish.

Q: How long are the classes?
A: The 4 session Culinary Journeys take place over 4 consecutive Thursday’s (from start date) from 6-8pm.
The Culinary Showcases are held on Saturdays and vary in length depending on subject (REFER TO SCHEDULE FOR DATES, TIMES, and SUBJECTS).

Q: What are the 4 session Culinary Journeys?
A: The 4 session Culinary Journeys are intended to provide comprehensive instruction in the preparation of a complete Indian meal (Starter, Entrée, Sides, and Dessert). The sessions are structured to be for any skill level and cover a variety of information including a basic introduction of Indian spices and their use, the building and layering of flavors, traditional Indian cooking techniques and styles, individual ingredients, etc. Recipes offered vary per session (REFER TO SCHEDULE FOR RECIPES TO BE PREPARED IN CLASS).

Q: What should I expect in the 4 session Culinary Journey?
A: Each 4 session Culinary Journey covers the basics of Indian cooking. Sessions are a combination of lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on opportunities as our Aspiring Chefs learn to prepare a complete Indian meal.
The sessions are divided as follows:
Session 1: Appetizers/Starters/Sides

Session 2: Vegetarian Entrées
Session 3: Non-Vegetarian Entrées
Session 4: Dessert/Other
Complete recipes for the dish(s) prepared – including variations and substitutions

Supplementary recipe(s) for our Aspiring Chefs to try at home
Continuous instruction relating to: basic introduction to individual spices and their use, traditional cooking techniques, the layering of flavors, traditional Indian kitchenware (and their modern counterparts/replacements), Indian culture, and history of Indian cuisine.

Q: What dishes will be covered in each session?
A: The 4 session Culinary Journeys are intended to teach our Aspiring Chefs how to prepare a complete Indian meal and include a starter/appetizer, vegetarian entrée, non-vegetarian entrée, and a dessert – Supplementary recipes to continue the Journey in your own kitchen are also provided. The specific dishes prepared and supplementary recipes in each session changes on a regular basis (REFER TO SCHEDULE FOR RECIPES TO BE PREPARED IN CLASS).

Q: What are the Culinary Showcases?
A: The Culinary Showcases are in-depth sessions that focus on one aspect of Indian cuisine, a single culinary dish, or food type (ie spices, chutneys, samosas, etc). These Showcases are intended to provide an all-encompassing knowledge of the subject and are intended to give the necessary time needed to fully explore the subject/dish in depth.

Q: Is a meal provided?
A: The dish(s) prepared in class are served along with supplemental offerings from the restaurants kitchen at the end of every session plus, Chai Tea and bottled water is provided throughout.

Q: What region of India will the cuisine primarily focus on?
A: Although most dishes will be based in the North Indian Style, specifically Punjabi, other regions and styles will make appearances throughout.

Q: Are most dishes vegetarian or vegan friendly?
A: Regardless of the recipe, substitutions to make the dish fit any lifestyle will be provided when asked. Most dishes can be accommodated for a vegetarian or vegan diet with minimal effort.

Q; What will I need to bring?
A: Each Aspiring Chef should bring a lightweight cutting board and a chef’s knife as well as a medium food storage container for any leftovers or ‘goodies’ we send home. However, if unable to bring these items from home, extras are usually available so that you can participate in all aspects of class.

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